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Hybrid Horizons: Cultivating Creativity and Audience Engagement


Join us for the third Collab4HySust CCI event - an international knowledge-sharing hybrid event.


Event Details:


Date: May 10, 2024

Location: Nova Iskra Dorćol, Belgrade, Serbia, and Online



The event will feature engaging sessions led by international mentors and professionals from the cultural and creative industries. The mentors leading sessions and sharing their expertise are Jovana Tomić (, RS), Ivana Stančić (Smart kolektiv, RS), and Viktoria Draganova (Swimming Pool, BG). Covered topics will include strategies for communication in digital and hybrid environments, as well as crafting communication strategies for art interventions. The event will also include workshops and provide insights into 15 selected innovative project pilots from Collab 4 HySust.


Who Should Attend?


This event is open to creative and cultural workers, groups, and businesses in the arts and creative fields.


Program and registration:


Registration: Until May 5, 2024


About Collab4HySust CCI:

Collab4HySust CCI is an initiative aimed at fostering partnerships and networking opportunities among professionals in the cultural and creative industries. Through collaborative efforts, the project aims to promote sustainability and innovation within these sectors. Collab 4 Hy Sust CCI is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the EU and the National "Culture" Fund of Bulgaria, also supported by Plovdiv municipality as an associated partner.


Project Partners:

Materahub, Italy

Intercultura Consult, Bulgaria

Syn+ Ergasia, Greece

The Flying Theatre, Denmark

Nova Iskra Creative Hub, Serbia


Collab 4 HySust CCI

Transnational Opening Event in Plovdiv, Bulgaria







We are excited to announce the upcoming Transnational Launch Event, a hybrid gathering centered around the Balkan region, set to take place in Plovdiv, Bulgaria on September 1st, 2023. This event offers a fantastic opportunity for participants to gain practical advice and valuable insights on thriving in the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) ecosystem in South East Europe. It also explores the potential of establishing sustainable relationships with audiences through hybrid means.


The Transnational Launch Event is organized by Intercultura consult as a host in collaboration with Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture 2019 – as an Associated Partner, with the aim of identifying specific needs of CCI organizations in the Balkan region and boosting their visibility. Leveraging Plovdiv's rich legacy as a European Capital of Culture, the event will create an ideal environment for fostering collaboration.


The in-person component of the event will feature representatives from 20 organizations in the Balkan region who are actively interested in driving innovation and creativity. Additionally, the online component is expected to attract between 30 and 50 participants from around the world.


One of the event's highlights is a knowledge sharing session featuring the partners MateraHUB, Syn+Ergasia, and DFT. These partners will share their invaluable experiences in nurturing creative practices that address critical issues like audience development and (organizational) sustainability. This knowledge exchange aims to inspire attendees and generate innovative ideas for driving positive change in the CCI sector.


To ensure broad participation and raise awareness, the event partners have established strong collaborations with prominent SEE creative hubs and CCIs networks. Furthermore, the event has gained support from key organizations including the Association Independent Culture Scene Of Serbia, Toplocentrala center for arts inSofia, the region of West Attica in Greece, the municipalities of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, Billund in Denmark and Matera in Italy. The involvement of these esteemed organizations amplifies the event's significance and emphasizes its potential to foster cross-border cooperation.


The Transnational Launch Event guarantees an engaging and enriching experience for participants, equipping them with invaluable tools, insights, and networks to thrive in the CCI ecosystem. Join us on September 1st to seize this extraordinary opportunity and become an integral part of shaping the future of the creative and cultural industries in South East Europe.

Useful information


the COLLAB 4 HY SUST CCI website


If you want to learn more about the project, join us on 1 September in Plovdiv (Bulgaria) or online and be part of the launch of this international project.


Secure your place by registering by 21 August at this link:

DEADLINE EXTENDED! Register by: end of day August 28, 2023

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