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International Art | Educational | Research Workshop


"A study on the city of Aspropyrgos"
Art, Rural life, Mild Forms of Energy,  Multiculturalism

SUNDAY NOVEMBER 29, 2020, AT 18:00


The monitoring and participation in the online, international workshop will be done through the zoom platform in live broadcast on Emilia Bouriti YouTube channel, and on the page of Syn+ergasia Art platform Facebook Emilia Bouriti Syn+ergasia.

Laboratory attendance is offered completely free of charge.

In collaboration with
Cultural Center of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos
Under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Sports

A very interesting international artistic, educational, research, workshop entitled "A study on the city of Aspropyrgos" is carried out by Emilia Bouriti, in collaboration with the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Aspropyrgos, within the international program AMOLI and under the auspices and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, on Sunday, November 29, at 18.00, online, perfectly adapted to the conditions of the pandemic – covid-19.

In this year’s   international workshop, whose main focus is on the interdisciplinarity, participate internationally renowned personalities such as Nicolas Bourriaud, David Blumenkrantz, Lars Ebert, Dr. Ioannis Drinis, Dr. Maria Tsigou etc. The participants are from various fields, i.e. artists, art historians, scientists, academics, educators, researchers, from four countries (France, United States, Netherlands and Greece). Nevertheless, it should be stressed that it is not a workshop of specialists, since in the workshop as participants there are representatives of local communities such as farmers and Arvanitics, residents of Aspropyrgos as well as students of Higher Education Institutions in order to exchange knowledge, ideas and opinions.

The fermentation of all the above works for the benefit of both the city of Aspropyrgos, which is a reference point for similar cities that passed from the rural to the industrial period and now go through the post-industrial era with a strong element of migratory flow, and the cities like Aspropyrgos that struggle to find their position and their pace through a changing reality and economy.

The purpose of the workshop is to create an interdisciplinary framework so as to be submitted knowledge, experiences and techniques through an international perspective. We aim to continue this process of exchanges after the workshop and to give tangible results regarding the role of art, culture and creative economy in the daily life of an agricultural, post-industrial and multicultural city, such as Aspropyrgos.

The workshop will be held in Greek with English translation, so that local communities and residents of the city in general can participate.

Representatives of the arts, science, mild forms of energy, education, the creative economy, and local communities will be present in an effort to realize the dynamics of the 21st century.


The guest speakers are:


Nicolas Bourriaud, Director of MO.CO (Montpellier Contemporain), author, curator.
Subject: Relational aesthetics. France


David Blumenkrantz, PhD, EdM,  co-founder and Director of the Youth & Community Center, co-designer of "Youth & Community Development through Passage Ceremonies".

Subject: The Challenge of Art in Science & Programs. United States.

Lars Ebert, Programme director H401 Amsterdam, Brussels, Athens
Subject: Participation and research Europe and the revaluation of the arts in society.

Dr. Ioannis Drinis, Researcher, Folklorist, Head of the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage and Intercultural Affairs of the Ministry of Culture & Sports.

Subject: Is the Rural Cultural Landscape part of our Cultural Heritage?

Katerina Hlias, Arvanitic, farmer, resident of Aspropyrgos.

Subject: The Arvanitic  culture and rural life in Aspropyrgos.

Dr. Maria Tsigou, Assistant Professor of General Linguistics and Translation at the Department of Foreign Languages Translation & Interpretation of the Ionian University.

Subject: Arvanitika: Past, Present and Future.

Maria Perifanou, Secretary of the Agricultural Association of Aspropyrgos, farmer, resident of Aspropyrgos.

Subject: The survival of rural life in Greece today.

Despina Boulogiorgou, Researcher, Laboratory of Mild Forms of Energy and Environmental Protection, University of West Attica.

Subject: Energy Communities a source of values for the co-development of Rural Communities.

Emilia Bouriti, Visual Artist, Performance Artist, Director of the Syn+Ergasia Art Platform. Subject: Participatory Art in the rural landscape and in the communities of Aspropyrgos.


- Coordinated by Emilia Bouriti

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