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Outdoor, research educational workshop :

Rural Culture | Art
The value of water and energy use

Opening on November 21, 2021

By Emilia Bouriti in collaboration with the Laboratory of Soft Energy Applications and Environmental Protection University of West Attica (SEALAB UNIWA).



With the participation of farmers, artists, researchers, teachers and students from the SEALAB UNIWA.

The workshop will elaborate as a unit the elements Rural culture, art, sustainability and resilience in agricultural cultivation with special theoretical reference and technological application to the issue of the value of water and energy use.

Also, the workshop aims to educate students and farmers on energy and culture, to highlight the rural culture and rural farming of the region, thus contributing to the sustainability and resilience of the rural community of Aspropyrgos.

Finally, it stresses that Aspropyrgos is a city that maintains its relationship with the land and food  and, furthermore,  with the existence of the farms it is  created a microclimate that supports the environment of the post-industrial city.


Taking seriously the pandemic caused by the coronavirus (covid-19) the Amoli project will fully respect the security measures set by law.

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