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The project group Syn+ergasia, organizes within a hospitality context, an international research workshop, aimed at the cooperation of researchers from the disciplines of science, education and arts, in order for them to familiarize with the city of Aspropyrgos. Researchers will study the history, the workforce, the demeanor of the area, the industrial, post industrial and agricultural presence of the city, as well as its multicultural society.

Within five days, the research group will have the opportunity to process the dynamics of the city and build up to a development of ideas and suggestions, intended to create a fertile dialogue and cooperation for individual projects in the context of the larger organization.

Some of the questions - challenges that revolve around the workshop themes are:

  • What is a European citizen's relation today, to food, his right to cultivate the land in an agricultural-industrial-post industrial space?

  • How can the community come together through cultivating its food, communal lunches and participatory artistic actions?

  • What is the relation of the contemporary human being to its body and how does it rediscover nature/the environment via art?

  • How is Europe today, as well as Aspropyrgos, redefine their identity, enrich their everyday life and culture, through the activity of immigrants?

  • What is the future of spoken language and local dialects (such as the Arvanitic language that was dominant in the Thriasian Plain until 1940), since their disappearance today, along with a part of memory that revolves around local culture and traditions?

  • How can art help in a way that the above can function as sources of inspiration for collective actions, performances, visual art exhibitions, narrations, open and customary educational programmes, discussions and seminars?


The invited speakers:


Dr.  Razvan George Ripeanu, Professor at Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Petroleum-Gas University of Ploiesti, Romania


Dr. Donato Martucci, Social Anthropologist, Doctor in Cultural Anthropology and Applied Anthropology, History Department at the University of Salento (Lecce), Italy


Penelope Bebeli, Professor of Plant Breeding, Director in the laboratory of Plant Genetic Resources and Experimental Design at the Agricultural University of Athens


Panagiotis Ktenidis, Professor in Oil and Gas Industrial Systems in a Master Programme, Department of Mechanical Engineers, University of West Attica (UNIWA), based in Aspropyrgos


Dr. Andromachi Economou, Research Director in the Hellenic Folklore Research Center of the Academy of Athens


Olga Kesova, Art Historian, An Ordinary Day Film Festival, Gallery Studio 44 Stockholm, Sweden


Emilia Bouriti, Visual, Performance Artist, Founder of Artistic Platform "Syn+ergasia"


- Coordinates Emilia Bouriti




Despoina Boulogiorgou, MSc in Energy and Environmental Investments, Lab Soft Energy Applications & Environmental Protection, Optimisation of Production Systems Laboratory, Mechanical Engineering Department, University of West Attica

Maria Neanidou, Student Participation, Student of Social Anthropology, Panteion University, Athens

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