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Programme 2019


09/2019 - 10/2019: Agricultural Traces of Aspropyrgos

A Collective Project in the Agricultural, Post Industrial, Multicultural Community of Aspropyrgos


Participatory Experiential Performance

Emilia Bouriti, visual and performance artist, concept creator of the international project 'Amoli', presents the first part of the programme, titled 'Agricultural Traces of Aspropyrgos, A Collective Project in the Agricultural, Post Industrial, Multicultural Community of Aspropyrgos. With a series of site specific performances, the project underlines the agricultural and multicultural element in a participatory context where artists, farmers, immigrants and a broader audience create an experiential, collective artwork which happens in the farms of Aspropyrgos.


An art action in which the participants, through the elements of performance, visual installation, projections, narration, the landscape dynamic and the inner multicultural testimonies of social groups, such as Arvanites farmers and Pontics from the Goritsa Area, experientially process the relation of body with cultivated food, land, seeds, landscape, the memory and history of a land, as a substantial code of communication is created among them.


With the dynamic of the city of Aspropyrgos as a point of reference, which reflects international economical and social trends, the project 'Agricultural Traces of Aspropyrgos' hopes to create new models of collectives and a broader field for personal and collective expression.


Concept, performance, visual installation and curating:

Emilia Bouriti

Location & Time:

September 21 & October 5 2019, 17:30

Farm next to Ayia Marina Chapel, Aspropyrgos

September 28 & October 12 2019, 17:30

NATO Avenue 259, Opposite EMAK 1, Goritsa Area, Aspropyrgos

Free Entry

10/2019: Seed Bank Creation

The creation of a seed bank in cooperation with the Agricultural University of Athens, in order to collect and preserve local traditional seeds. The larger area has been cultivated since antiquity, protected under the goddess Demeter, until today. Cultivation and agriculture are an important factor of development in the post industrial period of the area.



Area of Aspropyrgos


In cooperation with the Agricultural University of Athens, and the Agricutural Association of Aspropyrgos

11/2019: Research, Educational and Art Workshop


​The workshop intends in the cooperation of people from the fields of science, education and arts, in order to familiarize them with the city of Aspropyrgos:

The invited researchers, within five days of residency at the city of Aspropyrgos, will have the opportunity to study and process the dynamics of the city, which will build up to a development of ideas and suggestions, in order to create a dialogue and partnership for individual projects in the context of the broader organization.

The workshop team has an international character, consisting of scientists, researchers and art theoreticians from European countries such as Italy, Sweden, Romania and Greece.



Community Centre of Aspropyrgos. The above will be achieved with visits and meetings with the municipal representatives, with city entities, communites, associations, tours in commercial, industrial, manufacturing and agricultural parts of the area and at the Post Graduate department of the University of West Attica.




Research team "Pantheon" of Sorbonne University of France, University of Amsterdam, Agricultural University of Athens, Ploiesti University of Rοmania, Open University of Aspropyrgos Municipality, Hellenic Folklore Research Center Academy of Athens, Agricultural Association of Aspropyrgos, other scientists and researchers.

12/2019: Celebration of City Communities

​Collective presentation of various communities, focused around art, food, tradition and culture of the area, at the empty stores of the city centre. Through this action we unearth memories and life experiences from the communities and we initiate a multicultural dialogue between them in order to strengthen human relations in a city with an intense element of communal isolation.

Support of the local economy by utilizing the empry stores of the city as art and cultural spaces.



Centre of Aspropyrgos - empty stores



Various communities (local Arvanites, Pontics, Romanians, Albanians, Ex Soviet Republics, Pakistanis, Hindu, Roma), local artists and amateur creative groups.

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